Sleepovers, Collective Agreement Update

To all NUPE members:


I have spoken to Bronwyn the Acting CEO and Alastair from the SFWU (who also represent members in Richmond who have lodged claims for Sleepovers being paid the minimum wage). Following the Sleepover Wages Settlement Act, an agreed Terms of Settlement will need to be sorted out for the past six years and for the future. For the past, these terms are likely to be basically the ones in the agreement between SFWU and Idea Services:

• 50% of minimum wage at the time less the amount paid already as an allowance.

• There are annual leave and tax “complications”

The stepped timetable for the future is likely to be:

• 50% of minimum wage from 1 July 2011, 75% for 1 July 2012, 100% for 1 July 2013.


I am proposing using the same delegates (Sue and David) as your reps on the sleepover negotiating team with Richmond. If anyone else is interested please notify me asap.

We will be meeting soon to prepare our spreadsheets – we have to line up the rates of payment of allowance over the years since 2005-6 with the minimum wage movements since then as well . Then there will need to be a member’s meeting which we will present the material to and get your approval to proceed.

We have two Sleepover lists – one that is dated prior to 2 September, and one that followed that date. If you are on the first list, your rights appear covered by the Act. The second list will rely more on persuasion, but we will do our best. Contact me to check if you are on the list.

Collective Agreement:

The Collective Agreement offer from Richmond was ratified and we are currently signing off the document. We will get copies out to members once that has occurred.

Stat Days:

Xmas and New Year this year are again falling on a weekend and there are transfer rules that apply. I will get advice to you prior to then.



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