Our Services

Advice, Representation and Resolution of Workplace Issues

NUPE organisers provide support, representation and advice to our members on any workplace issues and work hard at resolving workplace issues and concerns for members at the lowest level available, in a timely way.

Your Pay and Conditions:

Experienced officials familiar with your work situation will advise you on all matters relating to your wages and working conditions. We have expertise with a wide variety of Job Evaluation and Performance Appraisal systems. Our organizers can help you to understand how your pay and conditions are determined and how to influence and change them.

Negotiation of Your Employment Agreement:

We undertake negotiation of your employment agreement which may be a Collective or Individual employment agreement. The union has the legal skills and resources to ensure that your employer complies with your employment agreement.

Employment Relationship Problems:

Our organizers work alongside you to resolve conflict and employment relationship issues that may arise at work. We will protect you against unfair treatment and discrimination at work, and will provide representation at all levels of the process, including legal representation where necessary.

Managing Change in Your Workplace:

Change occurs frequently in the workplace. Changes can be significant or a series of small changes that over time can have a significant impact on what you do and how you do it. We give you the information and expertise to understand how you can be Involved in and Influence Decision Making regarding change in your workplace.

Health and Safety and Workplace Wellness:

NUPE officials will help you monitor workplace conditions and will provide you with information and advice on issues affecting your health and safety at work including Your Rights and Responsibilities; Maintaining Wellness, Rehabilitation and Return to Work after an accident or illness.

Access to Legal Services:

You have access to the services of a legal advisor through the Union’s legal policy, which may include representation at the Mediation Service, Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court, Coroner’s Court and Nursing Council.

This legal resource allows members and the Union to pursue outcomes at the lowest level, which can be of most benefit to you from a financial, professional and personal perspective. It is provided under the legal policy as part of your annual membership fee.


NUPE members can apply for insurance cover through American Life Insurance (ALI).  ALI is a union based company which has a range of different insurance products for members.