Richmond NZ NUPE Update 19 May

Collective Agreement bargaining 25 and 26 May

On Wednesday we had a delegates meeting to prepare for the negotiations for a new CEA which occur next Wednesday and Thursday 25 and 26 May..

We have received a draft Collective Agreement from the employer. It is similar to our expired CEA but for example it does include a positive gain in the 10 days sick leave per year after 6 months.

There are some other elements in the proposed CEA which we will have to look at closely such as new wording around sleepovers and maintenance of qualifications.


Our major issues to put forward are increases in Remuneration, sleepover historical claims and leave issues. The Chch earthquake has led to issues that we would like to place on the table as well both from a working and funding point of view. Please let us know if there are other burning issues that we should be raising in the CEA negotiations.

A phone conference of SFWU (North Island) and NUPE was held last night and the issue of selling off a week of annual leave was raised. Richmond are not offering to allow it and it is difficult to argue with the logic that the job requires the four week of holidays (given we would like an extra week for service.)

It was agreed that the bargaining environment will be difficult given the lack of a merger with Framework and the lack of increase in Government spending in health.

Les Bryce will be the organiser attending bargaining. David Billows will be your delegate.