Richmond NZ Negotiations

1. CEA negotiations – negotiations with Richmond were held on 25 and 26 May. More dates are being arranged. The unions asked for

a. changes on pay (pay system to be in the agreement with clear progression steps and a pay rise to keep up with inflation)

b. Overtime for extra hours, double time on stat days, and on call allowances

c. Long service leave

d. Extra redundancy protections

e. Collective provisions for all Richmond staff including admin

f. Paid sleepover rates

In most cases, Richmond are proposing no change although they are looking at wider coverage clause and giving us information about Richmond’s financial position. They put forward a draft CEA that was broadly similar to our old expired CEA. We hope to be able to hold some briefing meetings in paid time for members prior to the next talks. The talks were held in a positive framework.

2. Sleepovers – The Supreme Court appeal by IHC is set for 7 September 2011. This will consider the issues again of whether sleepovers are “Work” and therefore must be paid the minimum wage and whether employers can average over a fortnight. Meanwhile negotiations have been under way between the PSA and SFWU with the Government on some level of back-pay and setting rates going forward. The alternative seems to be that the Government will retrospectively legislate away the backdating. We are discussing our next move with our lawyer soon.

3. Canterbury mental health post earthquake changes – NUPE has made a submission to the CDHB that the transformation occurring in placing mental health services into the community be facilitated with meetings with NGO (such as Richmond) frontline staff and management to ensure the changes occur smoothly. Watch this space.

4. Delegates – the next period will see some important decisions having to be made on the three issues above. Sue and David our delegates could do with at least another two delegates to share the load! Any nominations let me know.