Report on Bargaining with DHBNZ and CDHB 1 August 2012

Our team of Belinda Dunne AH, Tony Fitzgerald MH and Janice and Martin met with Kevin McFadgen (DHBNZ) and Ross Nunan (CHDHB HR) and Cheryl Doig (CDHB Manager) on Wednesday 1 August to discuss an offer to settle our MHAH CEA. We worked through the issues – 2 year term to 1 May 2014; 2% lump sum now for first 12 months; 2.5% on 1 May 2013, etc. We asked them to resolve a longstanding pay issue for our Security Support staff at Hillmorton but we are still waiting for an answer on that.

It was a good opportunity to sit down and discuss the various issues facing our members such as CASP, Adverse Weather policy, Designated positions, The Patient Journey, Registration of Social Workers, Salary smoothing, etc. The issue of dealing with a proposed (by CDHB) variation to Dental Therapists conditions to fit CDS did not come up as this will be part of a later process.

We also got a bit of context around what happened at managed bargaining for the big unions so that we could compare our offer with what others received. CDHB are costing the settlement that we discussed on 1 August and when DHBNZ receive the costings, they will put a formal offer in writing together with a draft Terms of Settlement and a draft SECA for us to review. At that stage we intend to put the offer out for a vote. We will also be holding meetings over the next period which we will notify you about.