Press Release Fishery Officers Undervalued

The National Union of Public Employees represents the majority of Fishery Officers employed by the new Ministry for Primary Industries.

The Fishery Officers Collective Employment Agreement has recently expired and bargaining for a new contract has reached a stale mate.

The combining of several compliance groups has seen Fishery Officers expected to take a lead role in frontline compliance across all primary production sectors not just Fisheries.

Les Bryce, Lead Organiser for Fishery Officers says that when any reasonable employer requires staff to widen the scope of their job, take on more responsibilities, increase their expertise, knowledge, and take on a lead role then some financial reward would also be included. MPI appear to have overlooked this important factor. Les Bryce also states that Fishery Officers have only received a total of 2% in salary adjustments for increased cost of living over the past four and a half years.

Les Bryce has also expressed concern that the Commercial Fishing Industry is subsidising compliance across the Primary Industry Sectors. This is due to the levies imposed on the Fishing Industry specifically contributing to the maintenance of Fisheries compliance.

Fishery Officers support the current industrial action which is being taken by PSA Union Members in their attempt to achieve a settlement of their Employment Contract. NUPE Fishery Officers will not undertake work that is normally done by those striking workers.