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Our People and What they can do for You


20150310_104523Janice Gemmell – Secretary & Lead Organiser

Janice has been an Organiser with NUPE since 1998. Just prior to her employment with NUPE she had returned to university as an adult student where she completed a BA in Social Policy. Industrial Relations was a major component of the degree.

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Janice has had a variety of work experience including restaurant management, voluntary work overseas, and a number of years in the public sector including 6 years with the Department of Internal Affairs. During her time at Internal Affairs Janice was a delegate and was involved in national negotiations. This experience really opened her eyes to the injustices that occur within the public sector.

Janice has always been passionate about justice and what is fair – she hates seeing exploitation and dishonesty. Janice really enjoys working for NUPE. She believes it is a union with integrity, where those values important to herself particularly justice and fairness are fundamental to the foundations of the union.


20130705_094402Les Bryce – Senior Organiser

Les joined NUPE in December 2007. Les comes from an engineering background and is also a Registered Ambulance Officer but has been involved with the Trade Union Movement for most of his working life.

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Les has held various union positions including Union Secretary on the Clyde Power Project (New Zealand Workers Union) and President of the Seafield Sub-Branch of the Canterbury Meatworkers Union. He has worked as a full-time official under the old Award System, the Employment Contracts Act and the Employment Relations Act. 


Quentin FindlayQuentin Findlay – Organiser

Quentin was employed by NUPE in its Wellington Regional Organiser from 2002 – 2004. He has been previously employed by the Department of Courts, Parliament, NZEI and as the Education Coordinator for the Lincoln University Students’ Association. He has over a decade worth of experience in advocacy and representation.

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Quentin was a parliamentary candidate for the Alliance in the 1990s and has a long history of union and community involvement. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts in Political Studies from the University of Otago and a PhD in New Zealand Political History from Lincoln University.


Andrew Mckenzie – Legal Advisor

His role is to provide legal input to the Secretary and organizers and where necessary legal representation for members as part of resolving employment issues.

Phone: (03) 377 3582

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Andrew first began with NUPE in 1998, helping out when the Secretary of the time was absent due to illness. During his last year of university Andrew worked one day a week at NUPE organising and doing para-legal work.

Andrew was admitted as a lawyer in 1999 and from then on has provided advice and counsel, as appropriate, on individual and membership issues. He has taken cases for members and NUPE to various Registration Boards, the Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court and the Court of Appeal.

When he is not engaged by NUPE, Andrew handles cases for other trade unions and individual employees. He also specializes in criminal/traffic law.