NUPE CDHB Update 14 March

CDHB – There will be a briefing for unions from CDHB at 2pm on Tuesday 15th March.   Any questions please notify

Issues we are already aware of include the Health and Safety meeting chaired by Aynsley Ridder last week  for Specialist Mental Health Service.    There have been ongoing management issues in the Christchurch Hospital Clinical Records Department identified in the Jane Smith report a year ago.  Given the key role the Department had to play in the recent Earthquake and some of the problems reported by members including health and safety, we are asking for a further investigation.  The status of the Clinical Coding review is another issue we will be checking on.  Oral health have managed to get through the emergency Relief of Pain period and now the underlying problems with the major changes occurring there need to be dealt with.    Meetings about the proposed changes to the 4 and 2 roster and salary smoothing in Mental Health have been put on hold but will now also proceed.    We will get an update on Clerical negotiations.