NGO Update – Sleepovers 18 March

NUPE members who work at Richmond NZ, Brackenridge, IDSS in Nelson and other NGOs should be aware of IHC’s sleepover appeal on 16 March to the Supreme Court.  IHC have appealed on behalf of the Government against a February Court of Appeal decision that states disability support workers should be paid the minimum wage for working sleepovers.   The minimum wage moves to $13 an hour from $12.75 on 1 April.

NUPE will be seeking agreement from affected workers to talk to the Government and providers about how to resolve this issue.  Obviously the funds to pay what is owed and new rates for the future must come from the Government.   That process has been disrupted by the earthquake but will be picked up soon in the expectation that the Supreme Court will rule the same way as the previous three courts that have heard the case.

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