New Website Launch

As you will see after arriving at the NUPE website, we have recently gone through a process of analysing our website functions and functionality so that we can better deliver news and information for our members and prospective members.

This is the first article in our news/blog section, but once the various organisers and union representatives have learnt more about the new system, we hope to be able to keep the website right up to date because we will be looking after the content and stories ourselves.

We hope to have regular polls for our members, some will be important fact finders, while other polls may be more fun or related to social commentary.

We have also added a calendar which will let you see when upcoming meetings are scheduled, when organisers are in your area, and any other events of significance are happening.

You will also notice that we have some photos on the home page of some of our members around NZ as well as meetings with the organisers. We hope to regularly update these photos, as well as build a photo gallery too, so if you have any photos of disputes, stop work meetings or good things like a gold watch after 50 years service at work please feel free to email them to us for inclusion. Add a caption so we know what the photo is about.

You can also easily update your membership details if you have had a change of address, job or position or obtain the application forms to download and print.

We look forward to hearing your comments about our new website, and if there is anything you think we should add, please let us know.