Our organisers met Monday 28 February in Burnside to begin the regrouping phase.  The Trade Union Centre and the surrounding buildings appear condemned.  Our priority is to ensure members have access to an organiser – cell phones numbers are on the website homepage.

Christchurch members are asking for advice about

  • Transport to and from work particularly from the eastern suburbs
  • EQ leave when workers are unable or unwilling to attend work
  • Roster availability  
  • Payroll – certainty of pay in this period
  • Health and safety given ongoing aftershocks and systems failures on 22 Feb
  • Dealing with Grief

We are attempting to get answers to these questions group by group and will post on the wbsite.  NB The SSC has suggested up to 15 days of EQ leave under special circumstances for Government workers but these are unlikely to apply to front line workers who are being asked to follow rosters.