IRD Update New Collective Agreement set to be ratified

Delegates Mike Keen and Rick Robinson have approved the Terms of Settlement from IRD to be put to members. There are a couple of things that are an improvement for members (and very few negatives). The main changes are round leave (improvements), remuneration (same as the other unions and not sure if it is good or bad), restructuring (same as the other unions and not too bad) and the wording round the hours of work easier to follow (in reality no change).

The next stage is to have members ratify the contract. There will be a chance to vote (ratification) by email and we are looking for a short meeting in the church hall at the Papanui “round-a-bout”. This will probably be on Friday 24 June.

One benefit is that non-members of any union can join NUPE before 24 June and get a $500 one off payment (taxable) if they have not received it in any of the other union settlements or as an IEA. This will mainly apply to staff who have joined IRD in the last six months.