IRD members update 4 May 2011

  1. CEA update – Rick and Mike and I met again on Monday 2 May after work to send a (hopefully) final list of potential points about our CEA to IRD. We appreciate members have ongoing questions about the delay in settlement and payout but we need to get the wording round the CEA correct before putting it to you for ratification. We appreciate that the earthquake has meant further delay when we were already at the end of the queue. (We may need to vote by email so I would appreciate a reply if you receive this email.)
  2. EQ issues – we have been in ongoing dialogue with IRD ove
    a. health and safety issues mainly around the Winston Ave building
    b. their policy for work during the EQ including retaining pay when unable to work, working from home, sharing of work, relocation and so on;
    c. other matters affecting individuals.
    IRD have been supportive in each of these areas so far.
  3. NUPE is now located at 520 Cranford St as our TUC building is in the red zone and has a lean on it at present. Our phone number is still 377 3582 though our temporary fax is 3543547
  4. Our main form of communication to members is this website so please check here for ongoing updates.Any questions or issues please contact Martin ( or a delegate.