IRD Meeting Tuesday 15 Nov

Canterbury Recovery team with Unions – record of meeting


1. Minutes: Flexitime had been withheld– now “back to business as usual – no role for CRT. “Not unreasonably withheld”. However there are some situations where it is not unreasonable to decline.


2. Minutes: NEC issue: 10 minute early start up will be counted as work time – this is different from how it applies in the Contact Centre and since IRD wants “consistency” Sandra from HR was going to check.


3. Agenda items


a. Meal room space at Wigram Manor – inadequate.


b. Mainfreight Fire – no danger to staff. Update to come – will cover type of leave for staff and how long out?


c. CRT – No further CRT run/Union meetings as “Business as usual” now. Kim, Gibb and Rick to come up with date, venue agenda for next union meeting and coordinate with Ellie andCRT will attend it as attendee only!


d. Travel across town issues – deal with manager as “Business as usual” now.


e. Question about buildings being sought on eastern side of town – unknown


f. Question what role of CRT would be if “Business as usual” now