Healthcare New Zealand

Health and Safety in Lichfield St Building

Members reported on impact of 5.3 quake on Tuesday 10 May. Damage to supporting pillar upstairs to be fixed by metal support. Then further re-inspection. Time for re-entry put back. Landlord expects to have to put in 76 extra struts to building to meet new code.

Martin reported on meeting with HCNZ management on May 9 and checklist of items to be in place before re-entry to Lichfield St.

  1. Access to detailed engineer’s report for staff.
  2. Access to geotechnical report. Concern about “slumping of building” and “no need for fix” since only light use – healthcare workers.
  3. Legal building code issues to get green sticker will be done before staff return.
  4. “Above code improvements” – some will be done before access and others will be on a “promise”.

a. Emergency exit external from upstairs – consents only will be in place – no timeframes able to be given

b. Windows upstairs to ensure light – consents only will be in place – no timeframes able to be given

c. Car park liquefaction – repairs will continue while staff are in building.

d. Emergency lighting upstairs – in place now

e. Emergency door at bottom of internal stairs – in place now.

The key issue remains the same one I explained to managers on Monday 9th. Staff members need to see all the items on the checklist done before moving back in.

However, our members determined to wait and see what occurred with the building post the aftershock and asked to receive any reports on the upgrading before moving back in.