Fee Increase

To All the NUPE Membership:

The Executive Committee (made up of members from across the NUPE membership) have voted to approve a fee increase that will apply across most of the NUPE membership (a couple of exemptions exist for situations that apply to those individual groups.)

The Fee increase will come into effect during September. This is why you are receiving this notification at this time.

The amount of increase will be up to $1.00 per week for most members.

The Executive have requested that I write to all the members and advise why the fees require an increase. It is never the preference of the Executive Committee to increase fees and they are very aware that general living costs have gone up for everyone.

Please read the following and contact me at Janice@nupe.org.nz if you want any further clarification.

About the fee increase:

• NUPE is an Incorporated Society and a non-profit organisation. All fees are poured back into the running of the Union, the Union membership and service delivery. This means we always live on a tight budget.

• There has been no fee increase since 2010 yet general running costs have increased significantly in this 3 year period.

• After the earthquakes in Canterbury the executive decided to defer any fee increase. Traditionally NUPE has had to look at an increase in fees every 2 years (as do most other unions) The Executive felt that enough had already happened at that time and we should keep the status quo.

What services do we continue to provide. i.e. what do you get for your money?

• Personal Representation and Advocacy

• Access and responses from Paid staff within a few working days (of a message being received at the office.)

• Access to legal advice

• NUPE members do not usually pay an extra fee when legal matters are required in the members case (many other unions do now charge an additional fee should legal services be required) NUPE members and the NUPE Organisers are very fortunate to have access and availability to our excellent Employment Lawyer.

• Access to legal representation including Personal Grievances / professional disciplinary related court issues.

• As an industrial union we aim to be as available as possible to members with a lower staff to membership ratio as other unions.

• Our availability and access does provide members peace of mind however this access and short response time has been compromised at times in the last 12 months with less staff. This time has provided NUPE with valuable insight us to identify what we actually need in staffing numbers. NUPE now has 3 full time Organisers and our office manager (Cass) which is what we need to be available, responsive and proactive (e.g. to provide delegate training) to members.

• NUPE will lobby an employer and if necessary politicians particularly on matters of health and safety.

NUPE is your Union and your organisation;

• NUPE has been going 21 years.

• NUPE is governed by an Executive Committee made up from membership across different membership groups. This means the Union is genuinely run by the membership.

• NUPE has experienced and committed staff. Janice (15 years) Andrew (lawyer) (16 years) Les (6 years) Quentin (new organiser) recently reemployed but committed and involved with NUPE for several years. Cass also has a history of support for NUPE and has worked for NUPE for 2-3 years previously to her employment earlier this year. NUPE is fortunate to have staff with considerable experience, knowledge and commitment.

• NUPE will provide direct representation and advice to members when you need it.

There will be no further fee increase for another two years from September 2013.

During the next two years we will be looking at establishing a new structure probably similar to other Unions. The Executive wants a fee deduction structure that is straight forward and is easy to understand for members and to be applied by payrolls.

We continue to be committed to provide members with reassurance and excellent representation.

Thanks for continuing to choose NUPE for your representation.

Janice Gemmell

NUPE Secretary

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