Coders Consider Job Changes By 8 Feb

CDHB Coders have been presented with a proposal for change to be responded by 8 February.   There are two parts.  The first is to move to a separate dedicated CDHB coding service with its own Manager an reporting structure to the CEO and EMT.  This has considerable impact on the coders at Burwood, PMH and Ashburton.

The second proposal relates to a new way of working.   Coders are being asked to be “located” anywhere across the CDHB rather thanat a partcular site as now.  They are also being asked to endorse or comment on a new model of coding.  This is Admit-Care-Discharge-Code or ACDC.   Essentially it sees staff coding records immediately upon discharge  in “hotspots” in the wards rather than waiting for records to come to the central Coding Deartment.