ChCh EQ Update 2 March 2011

NUPE is working to prioritise advice to our Chch members affected by the earthquake.

We see our union moving forward from the EQ occurring in four stages, beginning with

• Dealing with the personal and family aftermath of 12.51pm on 22 Feb.

Regrouping as a union based in Christchurch that has lost its home base in the CDB.

• Short to medium term rebuilding in a manner that learns from what has occurred.

• A different union location model emerging long term that can be accessible to members no matter what nature throws at us.

Many organisations in Christchuch will be following the same path as us. It is important that time and resources are allowed so we can move properly through the above stages.

CHCH SUPPORT: We see the key advice being needed about EQ leave, Transport to and from work, Rosters, Payroll, Health and safety as well as Grief. The SSC has suggested up to 15 days of EQ leave under special circumstance. Look in the Events and News section for more information about your area