CDHB Reacts to Earthquake 21 March

NUPE organisers attended an extraordinary briefing last week about how the CDHB was reacting to the earthquake.  Key points from CEO David Meates included –

  • a job guarantee for the entire health workforce (CDHB and NGOs) despite the loss of clients or patients;
  • the bringing forward the 2020 plan to 2011 (relating to facilities and provision) but with an inability to consult on key decisions that must be made (some before winter starts in a month or so);  CDHB says the direction of travel is agreed – it is only being brought forward;
  • fastracking of clinical records changes over the next two months – NUPE agrees this needs to be done differently;
  • a dispensation from policies and targets for  the CDHB from the National Health Board; and funding to be on needs not population based as for other Boards;
  • CDHB needing to be the provider of last resort for aged care, GPs and Pharmacies where the private or NGO sector cannot provide as in the east of town – comparison to what happened to privately provided health in Katrina USA.

Another meeting will be held in a month.  The implications of these decisions are highly significant for members.  Any questions ask