CDHB Newsletter 20 June 2013

This is a general update for all the membership of NUPE across the CDHB. Please everyone have a read even if you think sections do not apply to you.


Information about NUPE:

NUPE has now employed a new Organiser Quentin Findlay. Quentin has worked for NUPE before (based in Wellington) and brings with him a lot of experience a passion for justice and the best outcomes for members in their workplaces. It is unclear whether he will pick up some of the CDHB portfolio but he may do so you may see him walking about. It is great to have Quentin start as NUPE has been short  staffed since Martin left last year and we are very aware we have not been as visible in some workplaces for a while. We do apologise for this and want to reassure you that this is changing. Also be reassured that over this time individual matters have been dealt with by NUPE organisers.

 The Paid NUPE Staff e mail contact details:

Les Bryce Organiser –

Quentin Findlay Organiser–

Janice Gemmell Organiser/ Secretary –

Cass Daley – Office Manager –


Pocket Card:

NUPE has now produced a card that can stay in your pocket, wallet or bag to be available to you if and when you ever require it. The card is to provide you with some basic information / steps if you are approached by your employer to attend a meeting. The card is designed to provide you with some advice and some peace of mind and details on accessing NUPE. These cards will be getting handed out to members in the next couple of weeks.

 Clothing Allowance : NUPE members

NUPE is aware that the NZNO have been in communication about  their clothing allowance dispute.

 NUPE has also raised this matter with the CDHB for resolution and I understand the NUPE lawyer has lodged this at the Employment Relations Authority (some time ago) presently NUPE is waiting for the mediation to occur. NUPE has lodged our claim separately from the NZNO but we have written to both the CDHB and NZNO suggesting that the matter for all unions be dealt with together this is traditionally how disputes at the CDHB have been managed. Its seems it would be the best use of the limited CDHB resource.

 Any members who believe they have an entitlement and are covered by the wording in the Collective Agreement to the Clothing Allowance will be part of the NUPE proceedings and resulting outcome so do not worry you are not missing out.

 In addition to this members are bound by the NUPE Collective terms and conditions so any variation or changes to these (if this is required) will be negotiated through NUPE while your agreement is still current.

 We will be in further communication with you on this in the near future.

 The Adult Services Plan:

NUPE has been attending the meetings on this and has been available to members impacted by this plan. There is a meeting next week of the Crisis Resolution Team and Les Bryce ( NUPE Organiser) is keen to hear from members if they have matters for him to raise.


NUPE Organisers have been directly involved in raising concerns and following these up particularly for the Coding members(however other members should also contact us if they have individual concerns about their work stations) NUPE is aware that the Coders who are now required to work in the Wards to do their coding see some value in working in the Ward. Members are telling us they want and need appropriate work stations that ensure their safety and wellbeing while ensuring the work is completed as efficiently as possible.

 Please contact Les Bryce if you have a concern about your workstation. It is important to get these right as any new  or upgraded facilities need to properly accommodate staff at their work stations.

 CDHB Adverse Weather Policy

NUPE has been contacted by a few members with questions about this policy. The DHB Policy is attached it does outline the process from the DHB perspective in the event there are conditions that prevent you from getting to work. Please note the key points in this memo is that

 ·         CDHB staff are expected to make an effort to get to work in the event of Adverse weather. This effort or awareness to get to work needs to occur through the day and if conditions improve and you can get to work you will be expected to go.

  • ·         If a staff member cannot attend then they need to contact their manager asap to advise them of this and explain why. (It is noted the CDHB do not accept child care because of school closure to be a sufficient reason on its own for not getting to work.)
  • ·         The CDHB specifies that if an employee has made no attempt to travel or to notify your manager or
  • ·         The employee did not arrive at work despite the reopening of the roads then the absence will be recorded as either LWOP or Annual Leave.


 Please remember you can contact us at 377 3582 or or e mail us.

 Please make sure you update us/ contact us on matters as they arise so that we can be actively assisting you.