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UPdate 8 April

NUPE – MSD met yesterday to recommence bargaining after the interruption of the Christchurch earthquake. The day was focused on ensuring both parties agreed on where claims and issues were at and clarifying matters if required. The next dates for… (READ MORE)

Update 25 March

CYF / NUPE Bargaining 2011 General Agreement Update NUPE and CYF will continue bargaining on 7 April in Wellington. We will update you after this time so watch this space. The Ministry of Fisheries forum was held in Wellington on… (READ MORE)

Status Update 16 March

• All the Organisers are now working from their new offices. • Office telephones are not setup yet but all organisers can be reached on their cell phones and by email : martin@nupe.org.nz Janice@nupe.org.nz Les@nupe.org.nz Lynda@nupe.org.nz Nadine@nupe.org.nz • The fax… (READ MORE)