Brackenridge Estate Forum Report 24 March

Our two monthly forum where Peter Campbell, his managers and the unions (organisers only this time) meet at Birmingham Drive was held on Wednesday. Matters discussed included:

  • Thank you from management to staff for your commitment over recent weeks. A gift basket was sent to each house after the earthquake and this had been appreciated by staff. Earthquake leave has been approved on application so it is important members communicate with managers about any difficulties you have due to the earthquake and it will be considered.
  • Sleepover review meeting has been transferred to 1pm Wednesday 30th March at Maddisons Rd.
  • The impact of sleepovers if the Supreme Court rules in workers’ favour could be very severe on Brackenridge finances. The estimate is $1m for backdating and $350,000 per annum going forward to pay the minimum wage for sleepovers. There is a common interest in the unions and providers working in the same direction to get the Government to front up the money to ensure that the providers stay solvent. Peter stated that the only other alternative is Brackenridge restructuring its homes and staffing to make ends meet. The unions indicated that we will need to meet and talk to members about the sleepover issue.
  • Rollout of pay increase – there are still about six members who have not been paid out the increase and backpay. If you are one please contact –
  • Staff training – Staff re being requested to attend the NVCI staff training as set down or if they cannot, to notify managers (and not to be a ‘no-show”). Positive Behaviour Support training is also underway. Rostering of staff onto training is being considered.
  • Career force – managers pointed out that there is work required in your own time for the Career force work.
  • Senior Support Worker concept was floated by Peter to replace the AP position. More details have been asked for by the Unions of this proposal before we put it to members.
  • Roster programs – currently managers are considering an IT version of rostering.

Any questions – Martin 03 377 3582