Advice:NUPE Meat Inspectors re Imlay trial

The first MAF VA trial for Meat Inspection started at Imlay on 15 November 2010.  NUPE has met recently with AsureQuality (AQ) to outline our position and discuss with AQ the role of Official Assessors (MIs) at Imlay.

NUPE members will be aware the other trials are not proceeding.

  • NUPE advises members at Imlay that they should follow lawful and reasonable work instructions such as to take part in the trials.
  • NUPE believes that MIs who chose not to work will face individual disciplinary action.  While the consequences are potentially defendable, it is unwise to place members in this position.
  • If members are subjected to abuse or pressure because of following the above advice, please let our organiser Les Bryce know.