About NUPE

What NUPE is about

NUPE was formed in 1992 as an alternative public sector union. Since then NUPE has grown substantially with members in public sector agencies, ministries and departments from Auckland to Invercargill. We also represent members across the country in a variety of health and community agencies including DHBs and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Social Justice and a Commitment to Collectivism and Fair Representation of all members

NUPE has a commitment to social justice and a belief in the principles of collectivism to ensure the fair and reasonable treatment of all our members in their employment. NUPE believes that only by standing together will workers be able to protect and improve their rights and conditions.

Valuing the ongoing Employment Relationship and focusing time, energy and resources to members needs

Our organisers use their expertise and experience to work alongside members and their organisations to advise and facilitate the best possible outcomes while recognising the significance of an ongoing employment relationship. The Union’s time, resources and energy are directed to where they are most needed to get the job done, resolve issues, and meet the needs of all.

National Executive from Elected Delegates Oversees the Activities of Union staff and Policy Development

The activities of the Union Secretary and Organisers are overseen by the National Executive whose function is to uphold the Constitution of the Union and oversee the affairs of the union between the Annual General Meetings. The Executive Committee meetings are held quarterly or as required. The Secretary is responsible for implementing the policy decisions of the Executive and running the day to day affairs of the Union.

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The Executive Committee is comprised of one member from each employing organisation for every 100 members or part thereof. The office bearers of the Union include the Secretary (an appointed position) and The Convenor, Deputy Convenor and Treasurer which are all elected positions of the Executive. If you are interested in being on the Executive or would like to know more please contact the Secretary.