Nupe Membership and Fees

Join NUPE and Have Your Say at Work

The organisations of the members we represent are listed in Your Workplace which include core public sector organisations, non government agencies and community organisations and the health sector.

To apply for membership, please download and print the Application-Form

  1. Fill in your details
  2. Sign the form
  3. Send it back to us

National Union of Public Employees
PO Box 13032
Christchurch 8141
Fax: (03) 377 4385

For membership queries please email NUPE

NUPE Membership Fees

Gross Fortnightly Income Fortnightly Fees
Up to $750
From $750 to $865
From $865 to $962
From $962 to $1077
From $1077 to $1212
From $1212 to $1288
From $1288 to $1404
From $1404 to $1500
From $1500 to $2000
From $2000 to $2500
$2500 +
 Please see below for clarification about some fees

Increase in Membership Fees


  • At the August 2013 NUPE Executive meeting, Executive agreed to increase the annual membership subscription for members.
  • This increase was agreed to in order to retain current service levels and organiser ratios
  • The Subscription schedule (for all members except CYF and Brackenridge members) is no longer a set percentage but as a series of eleven steps as in the table above. Members can read off your actual fee if you know your fortnightly gross income. One effect of this change is that the percentage increase is different for different members.
  • Increases for members on lower incomes have been limited where possible while members on higher incomes are asked to contribute proportionately more via the graduated mechanism below.
  • CYF and Brackenridge employees who wish to join NUPE please contact the union directly to get the correct form.  Ring (03) 377 3582.