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NUPE is a union for workers across the Public, Health and Community sectors. NUPE actively campaigns for the fair and reasonable treatment of its members and their interests.

  • NUPE believes that only by standing together will workers be able to protect and improve our rights and conditions.
  • NUPE recognizes and protects your employment rights and conditions while valuing the ongoing employment relationship. The time, energy and resources of NUPE are directed to meeting the needs of members.
  • NUPE members are actively involved in a democratic union where major decisions that may affect your job and conditions of employment are made only with your consent.

“NUPE believes that only by standing together will workers be able to protect and improve their rights and conditions.”

NUPE to Meet with Anne Tolley about the CYFs Interim Review

cyfs logoMinister Anne Tolley has released the interim report “Modernising Child Youth and Family”. NUPE has this Report and links to the report are available on the webpage and on our Facebook page for you to access and read.
Please read through the Report and let us know any comments / feedback etc. that you have.
NUPE has previously met with Anne Tolley about this matter and we informed her that we were seeking a further meeting once the interim Report had been released. This meeting has now been confirmed.

Janice will be meeting with Anne Tolley on Tuesday the 29th September (next week).  NUPE are really keen to use this meeting to ensure Anne Tolley hears directly from you the frontline staff in this service. Please email Janice back your questions and comments by Friday 5pm.

NUPE wants to be actively involved throughout this process. As part of this involvement NUPE wants to ensure the Minister fully understand matters and challenges of working with these vulnerable children and their families from the perspective of the staff.

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